True Mountain lakes shoot

When Braddan (art director & ultra runner) asked me if I wanted to get involved in this project for outdoor brand True Mountain I jumped at it & when the concepts & visuals arrived I got even more excited.. I started thinking about equipment & assistants, how was I going to execute the brief etc.. what I should have done was hit the gym.

Now, people that know me know I generally pursue outdoor activities that involve two wheels & a faint whiff of 2stroke, so fell running was going to be a whole new experience.

So Alex from Fresh Digi & I packed our gear & headed for the hills, I’ve done a little hiking in my time so I thought “I’ll be fine”  “how hard can it be” …10 minutes into the first climb I was bent double wheezing like an old man, luckily we had Charlie from Mountain lite looking after us, Charlie who was already carrying an enormous pack himself, scooped up my camera bag & got us to the top,
we got there just as the sun was breaking over a ridge in the distance, there was a light dusting of snow on the ground, the views were incredible & I knew instantly we were going to have an amazing day.

Our models Shelly & Russ were incredible, in very challenging environments they patiently repeated runs & jumps until we had what we needed so a huge thank you to them as well.

The Nikon, Profoto B1 heads & Three Legged Thing equipment all performed flawlessly.

I cannot recommend the services of Fresh Digi highly enough, his knowledge of camera & lighting gear in incredible


Image credits Charlie Sproson