Aptamil Global Shoot

On Friday nights, hundreds of race fans descend on the Oaktree Arena in Somerset to cheer on The Somerset Rebels speedway team, for the last couple of weeks my son & i have been going along. Speedway is motor sport in it’s rawest form, the bikes are 500cc, have fixed gears, no brakes, run on pure methanol and can accelerate from 0-60 in 3 seconds, the races feature 4 riders & take place over 4 laps, it’s fast & furious stuff & we love it.

When Braddan (art director & ultra runner) asked me if I wanted to get involved in this project for outdoor brand True Mountain I jumped at it & when the concepts & visuals arrived I got even more excited.. I started thinking about equipment & assistants, how was I going to execute the brief etc.. what I should have done was hit the gym. Now, people that know me know I generally pursue outdoor activities that involve two wheels & a faint whiff of 2stroke, so fell running was going to be a whole new experience. So Alex from Fresh Digi & I packed our gear & headed...

I nearly always had a camera with me as a kid, but the object of my desire in 1982 was the Yamaha YZ 80 rather than the Nikon FM2 or Olympus OM4, photography was starting to grow on me back then but it was the bikes I was shooting rather than the photography itself that I was passionate about And to this day, over 30 years on, the smell of 2 stroke oil in the air or the heavenly sound of a motocross bike being raced flat out through the countryside still gives me goose bumps. The shots below are from the Mike Brown Memorial at Marshfield near Bath.

We had great fun shooting these ads for LG, our model David from Elliot brown was superb as was the location provided by Good Spaces, the client was thrilled with the results.

  Out take from a recent ad shoot for kitchen appliance giants Caple

Jewellery shoot for Scarlet Olive, Styling by Nat Corfield make up by Isobel White.

During our recent travel we fortunate enough to have photographer Jim Johnson traveling us, not only was he a total legend throughout both trips but he aslo found time to grab some behind the scenes shots, you can see more of his work here, I also have to mention Mano at Goodspaces, both of these shoots ran seamlessly largely down to Mano’s attention to detail & perseverence, all locations & production were arranged by Goodspaces,the story behind the epic truck aquisition is a book in itself. Needless to say if you need locations or production they should be on top of your...

August this year saw us shooting again for Gloster furniture in San Francisco, we’ve been working with Gloster for many years now & have been on many trips together, each trip is different in many ways but often is influenced by the people we meet along the way, this year I decided to photograph some the people we met, there are also some crew members here. It’s also worth adding that if you ever need any help moving or storing stuff in Santa Rosa Careful Movers are your boys

Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to photograph Sir Chris Hoy for sports nutrition experts SIS, Chris was every bit the legend I knew he would be, despite the constant demands on his time during the day not to mention a heavy cold he consistently pounded out the laps for the video crew & patiently hung around while we tweaked lighting set ups..& he’s a petrol head..like I said…LEGEND.