Now those of you who know me will be familiar with my sweet tooth… so seeing Larry & Sophie from Epoch swing through the studio doors with boxes and boxes of fresh, Krispy Kreme doughnuts is always a Treat.

The Gloster 2011 trip was a bit of an epic..once again Jim Johnson was there to document the two weeks of Californian madness. Soundtrack of the trip was from Foster the People.

So there I was, sat at my desk reading a Harveys brief from the team at HMDG… did it really say ‘can you find a derelict country mansion, a cutting edge fashion stylist & oh…we’ll need a horse… Not the usual Harveys brief then & putting all the elements in place wasn’t going to be easy, every part had to be perfect, the location, the stylist, the model, the make up artist… & of course the horse. As soon as I walked into the magnificently crumbling dining room of Hammerwood Hall I knew we had our location, it fitted the brief perfectly.

So this is my blog.. Not quite sure what’s going to happen here, a bit of work, a bit of personal stuff. Let’s just see.

Back in 2010 Gloster asked us to provide some video footage of their product  & our man Jim Johnston stepped up.. this is a collection of behind the scenes bits from that trip. Every morning as we set off for the days shooting this tune would be on the radio It’s ” The High Road” by Broken Bells & it was the sound track to a wonderful 2 weeks.